Notes de La Mode


If you have a gust of fashion, you should come to see us at the Hotel Metropol this Saturday evening for exceptional catwalk!
Our talented designers group ‘The Little Blue Bird’, is performing a catwalk for the next season, with a Parisien breath.

Our designers Nicolina Demidowich and John Asten with distinct feeling for urban style, are bringing fresh look with a lot of cute details. Their performance is full of novelties, daring colors, silky, velvety materials with accent on hand made embroidery details.
These designers might not wow you, but we do have something that would leave you breathless. Surprise of the evening can leave you with a timeless memory of this event. (Please note: if we were to reveal it, it wouldn’t be surprise.)

Then there is our Hatwoman, Anica Holstein, whose charming bonnets, hats and caps are lovely accessory to whole looks of a trendy persona. It could leave you thinking that you are original Parisian and that you are able to defeat the force of gravity and triviality.


And if all these new models aren’t enough, we have our award-winning magic designer, famous Leora Lonek, who has learned to combine the vintage style with the simple perfection of the modern look. These combined designs are being heralded as ‘new breeze’ for the next generation of designers to master.

Finally, ‘The Little Blue Bird’ does not leave the audience with a big languish for Paris, we may have created an experience that is remarkably similar, one that is completely new for a fashion scene of 21st century.

See you there!

Interlaced 30 secs

girl skipping the rope


melody using numbers

my NY bells

My recent paintings

“They stepped out together on a red carpet last night for the first time in over a year, to promote his new movie. The last time this happened was last year when the couple attended the Australians In Film Awards …”

red carpet oil painting on canvas, 100x50cm

serenityoil painting on cardboard, 69x47cm



Koreaoil painting on canvas, 30x40cm

I decided to make an oil painting, because it was easier way for me to convey my message.
I wanted it to look joyful, because I have met a lot of Korean artists whose work looks happy and pleasant to eye.
Idea I had: Venus figurine represents mother Earth, her left boob is North Korea, and right South Korea.
North Korea has 6 known prison camps where children were born and grown (if they are lucky) in captivity.
Shin Dong-hyuk is one that escaped and there is book published “Escape from Camp 14”, about his escape.
Right boob is hamburger he ate when he arrived in America.
There is a wheel in the background of the figurine symbolizing traveling of this young man, who cannot find peace of his mind, although he escaped from the camp.

So grottage on the wheel represents — lack of freedom although he is not in the camp any more.


Black and white, using acrylics. Professor put some white papers, a rope, old pumpkin, dry apple and a box. Drapery was blue and brown – total disaster. But in black and white, nobody could know. Colors and brushes I used where the cheapest. Next time, I shall buy a proper stuff.