Lime trees

lime tree1000It was a pleasant afternoon; sun was still on the horizon. I could smell lime leaves and the air smelled like in my home town. I could almost touch it. My grandfather sent me to buy some mineral water. I hated it because I had to bring several bottles, and it was very heavy for a six-year-old.
But the stroll to the shop with empty bottles was quite pleasant (I had to deposit those in the store). Everything was nice. Freedom, like an adult, nice weather, trees, and as I walked looking onto the buildings and the pavement, I realized that maybe behind that corner is a secret street, where I can turn and come to my home.
You know, my parents left me to live with my grandparents, in another town (around 300 km away).
So, that idea came to me, and as I was passing nice small town buildings, I was checking if this is a secret street that leads to my home. No, that’s not the one. That street has to be green with flowers and lime trees. My home town is just like that. But the smell in the air was the same. I passed a nice shop with toys and wooden horses in it. They even had a Snow White. Probably, behind that corner is the street. No, but there is an apple store. I regularly bought the golden apples that my grandparents liked the most. In the shop was Mirna, my friend, we played school games almost every day.
And in that moment, I noticed that I was passing next to the street that was at a steep angle to the main street. There were some apartment buildings and a yard for kids to play. I should check that one.
to be continued..

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