Koreaoil painting on canvas, 30x40cm

I decided to make an oil painting, because it was easier way for me to convey my message.
I wanted it to look joyful, because I have met a lot of Korean artists whose work looks happy and pleasant to eye.
Idea I had: Venus figurine represents mother Earth, her left boob is North Korea, and right South Korea.
North Korea has 6 known prison camps where children were born and grown (if they are lucky) in captivity.
Shin Dong-hyuk is one that escaped and there is book published “Escape from Camp 14”, about his escape.
Right boob is hamburger he ate when he arrived in America.
There is a wheel in the background of the figurine symbolizing traveling of this young man, who cannot find peace of his mind, although he escaped from the camp.

So grottage on the wheel represents — lack of freedom although he is not in the camp any more.

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